Thursday, February 17, 2011

Makeup 101: How to apply foundation.

The very first step when you start your daily routine of makeup should always be your foundation!...Well not exactly! lol

1- Preparing your face!
After washing your face, moisturizer! I am not very fuzzy about choosing a moisturizer so i always use Olay complete with SPF 15. Don't rush when you do your foundation so let your moisturizer soak in!

Then a primer! This should be considered as a crucial step for a smooth and air brushed look! A primer's job is to create a perfect canvas for foundation application. It also help minimize the appearance of fine lines and pores while leaving your skin velvety smooth and help keeps your foundation in place longer.

2- Concealer!
The key when creating a perfect make up is to make it look flawless so those imperfection gotta disappear! This is when the concealer comes in! When i am at that stage, i used 2 different concealers; A concealer for under eyes and concealer for blemishes, the difference between these 2 is that the blemish concealer contains salicylic acid. Be careful not too apply too much of concealer because this will only accentuate your flaws so make sure your apply a thin layer. Then attack those blemishes with the blemish concealer. Once your flaws are all concealed, let's move on to the next step!

Preferably with your fingers, begin at your forehead then go down to your nose, cheeks, under your nose, chin. Make sure you blend it well to your hairline and make sure you blend, blend and blend so it doesn't look too obvious.

4-Highlight, Contour & blush!
This can be optional but i prefer doing it because it makes your face have a dimension and not a flat look. With a bronzer or a contour powder, apply with a brush, under your cheekbone, under your jaw line and chin and side of your nose. Make sure you blend well if you don't want have too dark areas, look overdone and harsh. Remember; Flawless!

Then highlight, Apply your highlight on your forehead, chin and under eye. Then finish up with your blush on your cheek bone! Now, your face look dimensional and flawless!

5-Set your foundation!
Last but not least, set your makeup with a translucent powder! Tap a large fluffy brush into a translucent powder and apply all over your face!

There! Flawless! you should look! lol Just remember; Moisturize, prime, conceal, foundation, highlight/conceal/blush then set! I know it looks alot but once you get the hang of it, it should be easier to do! ;)

I hope this was useful! :D

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Makeup 101: Basic brushes to own for eye make!

What make a eye makeup a success is a good eyeshadow primer and a good set of brushes! There are 4 main brushes that you should have in your make up drawer.

1- A flat stiff brush, this brush is used to apply your "main" color over your primer, it need to be stiff so it pick a good amount of color to be applied on your lid.

2- A stiff domed brush. This can also be used to pack colors on your lid since it is also stiff. This brush is mostly good used to create a smokey look, for feathering in darker colors, for applying color on the crease and blending.

3- A smaller, stiff brush. This one is used to apply color right under your lower lashes and outer corner to make a perfect "cat eye" look without creating a "Marker" look. It is a good brush to for a smudge application on the outer corner of the eye. It can also be used as a liner brush.

4- An angled brush. A brush design to apply eyeshadow as a liner. It can also be used to apply dark color over your liner to set the color. It can also be used to make defined line for more complicated but sophisticated form. Also good as a eyebrows brush.

I think with these brushes, you are good to create thousands of look and color combination! Just remember! Blending makes a make up look good!