Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pureluxe Eyeshadows haulin'!!

Here is my new order from Pure Luxe cosmetics!

Top row:
-English envy:Medium muted green with gold highlights. A very classy color!
-Sprout: Fresh lime green shade with a yellow/gold interference.
Second row
-Lush: Smoky green with a very subtle blue/green finish. PERFECT for the smoky eye look.
-Forest:Deep jeweled green.. Gorgeous!
-Pandora: Deep green. Metallic finish
-Jaded: Lt./med. jade green with a touch of jade green metallic finish.
Third Row
-China Blue: Matte. Applied dry, you will get a subtle grey/blue. Applied wet you will be thrilled with the crisp yet refined blue.
-Indigo: Rich velvet blue with lighter blue/violet highlight.
-Peacock: Spectacular peacock blue. Silk finish.
-Racy: Steely blue, pearl finish.
Last row
-Bullion: Super gold shade. Like a golden bullion! ***contains bronze powder***
-Molten: A TRUE red shade. Excellent for lip AND eye color. Deep red with brighter red highlights. ***contains copper powder***
-Promiscuous: Creamy pale yellow base with a surprising yellow/green interference

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