Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to make shadow "stick"?

Always wondered how some eyeshadow looks so vivid and intense? Just as any "art" work, we need a medium to prepare the skin to received and hold a color, a primer!

It is rare to find a primer specifically for the eyelid in drugstore but you can also use "cream" eyeshadow as base, preferably in a neutral color, skin colored or even white on which the color would stand out more.

As for me, i am using M*A*D mineral Make up which, unfortunately, they have discontinued the production.

So my suggestion would be, for an economical product, NYX eyeshadow base.

This base comes in 3 colors
-White= Apply before eye shadows for 100x's vivid color

-Pearl= Apply before eye shadows with pearl and iridescent for a 100x's pearlized effects

-Skin tone= Apply before eye shadows to hold, intensify, and make eye shadow last longer.

6$us each at cherry culture!

Styli-Style Eyeshadow Base

This one comes only in a flesh tone base.

8.50$ also at cherry culture

I have not been able to find any affordable Eyeshadow base and these you can purchase them at Cherry Culture website.

If you are willing to spend more on an eyeshadow base, We can find these in canada at their respective store, you can go for a M.A.C one!

This base comes in 3 shades: light, medium and medium dark.

As any base, it smoothes out your eyelid and neutralize it for a more vibrant and vivid eyeshadow.

Of course since it is a very high brand, it usually cost 20$ for 5g. Even if i am a big fan of M.A.C, i am not willing to pay this much for a eyeshadow base.

You can also use their "paint pot" which comes in a variety of color, my 2 favorites? Painterly and Bare necessity!

Well, any flesh tone, creamy product would actually do, if you're not willing to spend a lot on a eyeshadow base, you can even try a creamy concealer as a base if you want. It might not be as good as suppose an eyeshadow be but it's always an option!

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