Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Best foundations!

We all have a hard time in finding the perfect foundations. Keep in mind that for a perfect make up, you have to prep your skin with a moisturizer, primer and concealer for a smooth and perfect make up!

You don't know what foundation would quite match your skin tone? Revlon Custom Creation would be the perfect foundation to get to know your match!

Each bottle comes in 5 dial shades!
-Light medium

Once you get to know which tone your skin is, light? Medium? All you have to do is set the dial to match your skin. Simply turn the dial to adjust the shade from light to darker. At the same time, you won't need to buy a new foundation if your skin got tanned a shade or two. This foundation contain SPF 15

Cost about 17.95$ in most drugstore is big surface store.

Maybelline Dream Liquid mousse leaves an almost flawless, smooth finish and doesn't leave your skin look cakey during the day. This foundation comes with a pump which makes it more hygienic. It comes in 12 shades which are listed by the "Name" of the shades such as Classic Ivory or pure beige etc then it tells you if it's a dark, medium, light, fair shades. If you're not sure if it is between a dark or medium, not sure which to choose? Well, this foundation also tells you in which shades it is if you're not sure which to choose, In a tiny font, you should read the shade followed by 1, 2 or you need a shade in between, no need to think which foundation, just take the one with a .5! That should make it easy to choose your shade!

Cost: 12.27$ in most drugstore and big surface store.

You have a skin prone to acne? Try Almay clear complexion liquid make up. It contains salicylic acid which is know for healing and clearing blemishes for clear complexion. Gives an even and long lasting coverage. I'd recommend this foundation to anyone who struggle with break-out caused or aggravated by other make-up just to have a healthier looking skin.

Cost: 13.89$ (Do not confuse it with Almay Smoothing liquid make-up and Almay Nearly naked liquid make up which have different prices)

Maybelline Dream matte mousse comes in an easy to use container with 12 shades to choose from. This foundation gives an excellent coverage for an even looking skin tone. It has an air-whipped mousse texture providing a matte look, flawless looking skin with an air-soft feel.

Cost 10.99$ in drugstore and big surface stores.

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