Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm back!


I haven't touch to my blog for more than a year and i have been wondering if i should even continue to blog or to put more variety in it instead of just only make up and girly stuff, for sure you can find a lot of make-up blog and to me, always end up that someone blogs on something similar than the other one and so on....

A lot has happened since a year, a tragic event for me that ended a 10 years relationship and a daughter sharing her time between me and her father, although she spends more time with her father than she does with me. But she seems to have settle quite into the situation, at first, of course it was a disaster for a little girl to see her parents getting separated, she did wished for us to get back as family again but this time, i could not go on with her father for some obvious reason, sure he denies my version of what happened as if he was denying his mistake or just probably "he doesn't remember", his most famous excuse. Her father needs to learn how to communicate like an adult. At first, before the new girl moved in (already expecting, not even a year of dating nor her divorce been finalized) He seemed like he was going to be a big help for me, as i am not from here, he said that there would be a room for me if ever where ever i end up staying has a problem or if ever i have a financial problem and end up not being able to buy grocery, i could go there for a meal. But all that was just words that flew by the window ever since the new girl moved in, can't go to the house anymore to visit my daughter, no more a "place" to spare when i would be in need, no way in hell "she" would have me for a meal. I was very much "welcoming" to her even if she was the reason that my family fell apart and she can't even do the same? French people right? (she's originally from France) Anyway...

After more than a year dealing with my loss, first love. I think i can say i am making progress, since now 4 months, i have a new boyfriend who has been more than helpful in my situation, very supportive, understanding, loving and caring. Never though i could be this happy once more!

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