Wednesday, February 4, 2009 haulin'!

I received my package i ordered from yesterday.

Rimmer primer; Fix & perfect.
Rimmel Recover illuminating anti-fatigue foundation.
Rimmel Recover anti-fatigue concealor.
Revlon Beyond Natural, primer

Revlon has a lightweight, gel-like texture, comparing it to my usual primer from M*A*D minerals, it's thinner. I will try it tomorrow.

Rimmel fix & perfect primer is tinted and doesn't have a gel-like texture which i find a bit weird for a primer. Suppose to smooth and minimize pores. Ok, this primer i tried it on this morning and i shall say, i am a bit disappointed. because it is tinted and i have a yellow undertone, we can see the primer on, i had like a mask like shape after i put it on so i tried to blend to my skin. I would not re-purchase this product as it left me disappointed...

As for the Rimmel London Recover illuminating foundation and concealer. It suppose to give you a awaken radiance and clarity from the inside with an advance brightening dual effect formula. With the primer i used, Rimmel fix & perfect, well the primer didn't do a good job holding the foundation as well as my M*A*D minerals primer. If you have have fine lines like on your forehead, lips or under eyes, i strongly discourage the use if this foundation. It filled my lines on my forehead and the concealer did the same on my under eyes. By doing so, the foundation made me look older than i am. I'm thinking that it might have been the primer too but we'll see tomorrow as i will be trying the other primer, Revlon beyond natural. Another question comes to mind, as the day was going on, my skin looked dry and i looked like i was peeling (which i wasn't) and i had to keep correcting my foundation during the day, was the primer making my skin dry?...

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