Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Red look

I did a red look the other, pretty simple.

What i used:

Starry CD eyeshadow palette, Pixie
- The red rust color one
M*A*D minerals
- Poise
- Russet
- Eye base - Light
- Cream eyeshadow - Bare necessity
- Carbon
-Fluidline, Blacktrack
-Colossal Volume Express

After applying your eyebase and creme eyeshadow all over your eyelid to your brow bone, take the red rust color from your starry palette and apply it on your lid and swipe it on your lower lashes from the outside corner of your eye, inward, as shown:

Then overlay the Rosset from mad mineral. This can be skip, i used it only to put a shimmering effect and make it a bit glittery. In this case i use the sample i've received from them.

Next the darker red, Poise from mad minerals, apply it as shown and a swipe with a sponge tip from the corner of your lower lashes to about the middle, apply it as shown:

Now take your MAC carbon and brush it along your eyelashes and blend it upward just a little bit and also swipe it on your lower eyelashes, as shown:

Well, there is only two thing to do which won't need a picture to show, apply your MAC fluidline and some mascara and voila! On the last pic you can see an "eye chart"! :) You can take this "eye chart" and experiment different colors with this. I will do my tutorial like instead of taking pictures of each steps, if someone doesn't understand the way i do my tutorial just leave me a comment and i will do my best to answer! :D

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