Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally a canadian website!

My boyfriend mentioned about a canadian website that sells cosmetics: I went to check about it and it has everything you need! all the drugstore make up brand you can think of. From CoverGirl to Maybelline, Physician's formula to Revlon even Rimmel London and Rimmel Underground! You can find all the brand that we usually find in pharmacy!

Now that is a very good news! That website is actually an online pharmacy located in ontario and they ship for FREE everywhere in Canada! If you're looking for make-up, check their Beauty section, they grouped all the cosmetics they have so it makes it easy to shop. Looking for a specific brand? Well click on "shop by brand"! So, with this finding i won't have to buy my cosmetics in "bulk" when i go in Montreal! (remember we don't have any make up store or make up product in our local and unique store) And of course they accept paypal! :D

By the way, i wish to all of you a late holiday greetings and hope you have a good year!

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