Monday, January 26, 2009

Haulin' time!

I received my packages today!

First my victorian top hat from!

My Pure Lux eye color minerals"
My faves in these:

OMG!, Spoiled and Vanilla

I also received a skirt from which i don't have a picture.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Red look

I did a red look the other, pretty simple.

What i used:

Starry CD eyeshadow palette, Pixie
- The red rust color one
M*A*D minerals
- Poise
- Russet
- Eye base - Light
- Cream eyeshadow - Bare necessity
- Carbon
-Fluidline, Blacktrack
-Colossal Volume Express

After applying your eyebase and creme eyeshadow all over your eyelid to your brow bone, take the red rust color from your starry palette and apply it on your lid and swipe it on your lower lashes from the outside corner of your eye, inward, as shown:

Then overlay the Rosset from mad mineral. This can be skip, i used it only to put a shimmering effect and make it a bit glittery. In this case i use the sample i've received from them.

Next the darker red, Poise from mad minerals, apply it as shown and a swipe with a sponge tip from the corner of your lower lashes to about the middle, apply it as shown:

Now take your MAC carbon and brush it along your eyelashes and blend it upward just a little bit and also swipe it on your lower eyelashes, as shown:

Well, there is only two thing to do which won't need a picture to show, apply your MAC fluidline and some mascara and voila! On the last pic you can see an "eye chart"! :) You can take this "eye chart" and experiment different colors with this. I will do my tutorial like instead of taking pictures of each steps, if someone doesn't understand the way i do my tutorial just leave me a comment and i will do my best to answer! :D

Saturday, January 17, 2009

M*A*D Silky Smooth Silicone Foundation Primer!

So, i've received my order from M*A*D minerals make up. I've ordered 2 foundation primer since i've never bothered to a primer. I have nothing to compare it to so i'll just say what i think of it.

For sure this primer will be my main primer i'll use from now on. This primer glide on the skin very smoothly and leave the skin very soft. Usually i use only a moisturizer before my foundation and my skin never felt this smooth and soft as with this primer. Plus it the foundation definitely "grip on" your skin and increase the wear and longevity of your foundation. My skin usually get oily and shiny in the middle of the day but i notice that with this, my skin wasn't as oily as without a primer, plus it contains Vitamins A & E, grapefruit extract to soothe the skin and the anti oxidant help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wringles! My fines lines under my eyes weren't as appearant with a moisturizer alone.

I've also received two Multi use loose mineral pigment, Poise and quiet storm that i' haven't used it yet and a shadow/eyeliner sealant.

More order to come: Rimmel London Recover Anti Fatigue Illuminating Foundation, Rimmel London Recover Anti Fatigue Concealer, Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer, Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally a canadian website!

My boyfriend mentioned about a canadian website that sells cosmetics: I went to check about it and it has everything you need! all the drugstore make up brand you can think of. From CoverGirl to Maybelline, Physician's formula to Revlon even Rimmel London and Rimmel Underground! You can find all the brand that we usually find in pharmacy!

Now that is a very good news! That website is actually an online pharmacy located in ontario and they ship for FREE everywhere in Canada! If you're looking for make-up, check their Beauty section, they grouped all the cosmetics they have so it makes it easy to shop. Looking for a specific brand? Well click on "shop by brand"! So, with this finding i won't have to buy my cosmetics in "bulk" when i go in Montreal! (remember we don't have any make up store or make up product in our local and unique store) And of course they accept paypal! :D

By the way, i wish to all of you a late holiday greetings and hope you have a good year!