Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blueberry Lush!

My Blueberry Lush look with Glamour Doll! This blue i wasn't sure i would pull it off as it was a very vibrant blue. But i'm still not sure if i like or not as it's not my "usual" everyday makeup.

[What i used]
-M*A*D, Shadow primer in light
-M*A*D, Cream eyeshadow in Bare Necessity
-Glamour Doll Eye light in Blueberry Lush
-Lise Watier eyeshadow, unknow name but it's a dark navy blue
-M.A.C eyeshadow in Meet the fleet
-M.A.C eyeshadow in Carbon
-Covergirl Line exact liquid liner in Very black
-Maybelline great lash mascara in black
-N.Y.X Eyebrow kit in Black/Grey


As always, start off with your base, in my case; M*A*D shadow primer. Overlay it with M*A*D cream eyeshadow in bare necessity.
Step 2:
Take the Blueberry lush from glamour doll, tab your brush for excess and apply as shown.

Step 3:
Take the dark navy blue from Lise watier or you can just take the M.A.C Meet the fleet and apply in the corner, wing it out and on the crease!

Step 4:
Take the M.A.C Carbon and apply it as follow, i always love to "smoke" my makeup a little bit.

Step 5:
last step, Eyeline and mascara and voila!

Huge Haulin' Time!

Few days ago i have received an order from Glamour Doll. I have order the following colors

-Sugar Plum
Vivid purple + Vivid yellow= Matte Purple
-Glamour Girl
A vivid purple color with a little shimmer!
-Shaded Orchid
A very dark purple color.
A soft violet
-Blueberry Lush
It's a vivid color Blueberry Style!

I love purples and i seem to never have enough of them! I've try these already put didn't take picture of the first make-up i did with them. I mostly used the purple in this order. My fav in these 5 eyeshadows would be The shaded Orchid, as i love most dark eyeshadows and the light one would be the Violent. These 2 combined is enough to make one make up. I don't know if anyone has tried these but when i had them on, they went into my crease line, even when i used them with my favorite eyeshadow primer with my indelible cream shadows from M*A*D, any other eyeshadow hold pretty well all day but these one, not so much but i am willing to give them another chance when i'll get the chance.

I've also received my pachage from these following items:

-Physicians Formula Rx Circle control concealer in Fair light.
-Covergirl fresh complexion under eye concealor (my fav)
-Revlon Custom creation foundation in Light
-CoverGirl proffessional loose powder
-maybeline Instant Age rewind double face perfector - Conceal and highlight in light
-Clearasil skin tone acne treatment cream
-Velvet touch depy face - facial buffer + refill
-Ardell Accent lashes #301
-Ardell Accent lashes #305
-Ardell Duo eyelash adhesive
-CoverGirl Line exact liquid eyeliner in Very Black
-Sally Hansen No Chip - Acrylic Top Coat
-Maybelline Salon Expert Nail Colour in
Cherry Sin
Extreme Blackcurrent
Midnight Red
-L'Oreal Paris Line Intensifique in Black Mica
-Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner, waterproof in Onyx
-Olay Regenerist Eye make up remover (i swear only by this product!)
-Olay Regenerist Detoxyfying pore scrub
-Revlon Makeup Eraser Pen
-Dormer 211 Face cream with SPF30 (i have to maintain my pale face for a natural goth look :P )
-Clean & Clear soft purifying cleanser

I know that is a whole lot of products! But hey! we don't have these product in store here so Hurray for!

So i will do some kind of review with these products in the coming days so i will post alot more now that i got new products in hands! ;)


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shimmering sands trio look

This set is of trio is a shimmering brown for a neutral look.

[What i used]
M*A*D shadow primer
CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 3-Kit Shadows
in Shimmering Sands
Dark brown from an unknown trio as liner.
Maybelline blackest black.
NYX, browshadow kit in black/grey.

Step 1:
Take the darkest shade of the left and apply it as shown here.

Step 2:
Now, take the mid toned color in the middle and apply it on the crease as shown here:

Step 3:
With the lightest color on the right, apply it on the brow bone.

Step 4:
The last but not least, take a dark brown shades and line your eyelashes. My point here is to keep it as natural as possible since this set is very shimmery and natural looking and the colors doesn't pop much. You can also use a black eyeliner and wing your eyelashes to give a pin up look. Finish it with your mascara and voila! :D

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sea glass trio look

It's been a long time i haven't took time to play with my make up these days but I bought new shadows recently and decided to try them on and came up with this.

[What i've used:]
M*A*D shadow primer
CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 3-Kit Shadows
M.A.C, black track fluiline
Maybelline mascara Colossal volume express.

Step 1: Take the color in the middle "tone" and apply it from the inner corner to 3/4 of the eyelid as shown:

Step 2: Take the color on the left and apply as shown. You can apply on the lid's limit but i like stretching my colors out to kind'a wing it as shown here:

Step 3: Highlight, take the lighter color and apply on your brow bone as shown:

Finish it up with your fluidline and mascare and you're done!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Red look V2

I re-did my red look with better colors from PureLuxe cosmetics and MAD minerals. Now, this red is not for the shy because with this you will stand out in the crowd!

[What i used]
MAD minerals shadow primer
MAD minerals cream eyeshadow in Bare necessity
MAD minerals in Poise
Pure Luxe cosmetics in OMG!
MAC fluidliner in Blacktrack
Maybelline mascara Colossal volume express.
NYX eyebrow kit in Black.Grey
Maybelline,Eye liner unstoppable in Onyx

Step 1:

As always start off with base, MAD shadow base and overlay with cream eyeshadow Bare necessity.

Step 2:

Take the Pure Luxe cosmetics eye color,OMG! and apply on your lid and inner corner of your lower lashes as shown here:

Step 3:

Take the MAD minerals multi-use color, Poise and apply in on your outer-V and crease and lower lashes outward and blend it with OMG! by the middle:

Step 4:

Take you MAC carbon and apply it on your outside corner of your eye, swipe it upward and out, kind'a "wing it" too and on the outside corner of your lashes and blend it with your poise on your lower lashes.

Last step but not least:

Take your blacktrack and line your upper lashes and take your pen eyeliner line your lower waterline. Voila! a nice Red Gothic Look for the one who wants to stand out!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Package received!

Went to the post office this evening and got this!

Olay regenerist
- Daily regenerating cleanser
Olay regenerist night
- Night recovery moisturizing treatment

Physicians formula
-Mineral tinted moisturizer in fair to light.

As i am more concern about my age, i switch to my regular clean and clear regiment to Olay regenerist products. I always believe that to take care of a prone to acne skin like mine should stick to products like clean and clear. As i was looking for an alternative because i am aging and now nearly in my 30's :-O, i was browsing on the internet to see what was available for an aging skin but still prone to acne and blemishes. Then i found Olay and it's working perfectly fine for me, keeping my skin clear but also taking care of my skin due to aging.

Also discovered Physicians formula through a fellow blogger Nessa, she's the one to go see for mineral make up which most of where i shop for mineral make up is from reading her blog. I usually use Physicians formula organic wear but didn't had it so i went for an alternative; Mineral wear.

How long does Make-up last?

Have ever wonder how long a make should last? Do you always make sure your limited edition should last you for years? Do you have a lipstick or eyeshadow you've been keeping for over a year now?

That's probably what most woman ask themselves. I know alot of woman who has tons and tons of make-up and probably they have some product that is expired since a long time. Especially those limited edition ones like MAC often does, it's more likely never a good idea to go easy on a product that is said "Limited" and make it last years and years. So,

How long?

Cream Based- 6 months
Powder Based- 18 months
Mascara- 3 months
Lipstick- 12 months
Applicators- 4 Weeks

Mascara - Mascara should be replaced every three months, no matter how it smells. Never share your mascara with ANYONE! Repeat. NEVER SHARE YOUR MASCARA WITH ANYONE! People have gotten eye infections this way - it's not pretty! Also, never "pump" your mascara - you're just pumping air into the chamber, which dries it out faster.

Eye and Lip Pencils - Don't share these either (actually its a good rule of thumb not to share makeup at all!) Keep up to three years - sharpen often and toss if they become smelly or crumbly.

Lipstick and gloss - Once again, no sharing! Will last up to two years but the "stay-on" formulas dry out quicker.

Powder cosmetics (like blush, eyeshadow) - Up to 18 months, but toss if its cakey, stinky or you can't pick up color.

Foundation - This depends a lot on the product. If it's water-based, toss after a year. Oil based, about a year. If it has SPF in it though, it has a shorter shelf life so no longer than a year. Once again toss if stinky.

Washing your hands before applying.
Not sharing makeup.
Not adding water or saliva to dilute makeup.
Keeping cosmetics in a dry area, away from direct heat or sunlight.

If you're still unsure about a product, here are some warning signs that will tell you if it has expired:
The product's smell has changed.
It has been exposed to prolonged heat.
There is an obvious colour or textural change.
Mould is evident.

[article taken from Steven & Chris]

Gold brownie look!

I have been looking at the palette that's been sitting in my training case lately and i saw this gold-like color in my "Kleancolor" palette. Now this is the simplest you can do with eyeshadows.

[What i used]
M*A*D minerals eye base, light
M*A*D cream eyeshadow in Bare necessity
Kleancolor 9 color palette, in classic
NYX in dark brown
NYX eyebrow kit black/grey
MAC fluidline in Blacktrack
Maybelline the colossal volume express.


Apply the M*A*D mineral eye base and overlay with the creme eyeshadow , bare necessity all over you eyelid to your brow bone.

Step 2:

Take the gold color on the Kleancolor 9 color eye palette. It's the color in the middle on the last row. Apply it as shown here:

Step 3:

Take the NYX dark brown, apply it on the outer-V and crease as shown here:

Step 4:

Take the dark brown from the trio and apply it along the lashes blending it upward and out as shown here:

Last step but not least!

Take your fluidliner, blacktrack and line your eyelashes and then some mascara! Voila! you're done!

As always you get an "eye chart" of where to apply your eye shadow and experiment with different colors using the same chart. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Picture of the day

Ok, i'm bored to death and decided to do a picture of the day. My usual favorite purple look! I used to do this look with MAC beautiful iris, casette from heatherette trio #2, carbon, blacktrack fluidline and Maybelline blackest black mascara.

Since i am trying to get away from the high end brand, I found some superb color from Pure Luxe cosmetics! This is the list i've used on this look:

M*A*D foundation primer
CoverGirl concealer in creamy beige
Revlon costum creation foundation in Light/medium, dial set on 1.
Pharmacians formula loose powder in Translucent light Organic.

M*A*D eye primer, light
M*A*D indelible cream eyeshadow in Bare Neccesity.
Pure luxe eyeshadow in;
MAC in carbon
Mascara Maybelline,the Colossal VolumExpress
NYX, eyebrow kit in black & grey

NYX in Rea
topped with
MAC lipglass in Glam V haulin'!

I received my package i ordered from yesterday.

Rimmer primer; Fix & perfect.
Rimmel Recover illuminating anti-fatigue foundation.
Rimmel Recover anti-fatigue concealor.
Revlon Beyond Natural, primer

Revlon has a lightweight, gel-like texture, comparing it to my usual primer from M*A*D minerals, it's thinner. I will try it tomorrow.

Rimmel fix & perfect primer is tinted and doesn't have a gel-like texture which i find a bit weird for a primer. Suppose to smooth and minimize pores. Ok, this primer i tried it on this morning and i shall say, i am a bit disappointed. because it is tinted and i have a yellow undertone, we can see the primer on, i had like a mask like shape after i put it on so i tried to blend to my skin. I would not re-purchase this product as it left me disappointed...

As for the Rimmel London Recover illuminating foundation and concealer. It suppose to give you a awaken radiance and clarity from the inside with an advance brightening dual effect formula. With the primer i used, Rimmel fix & perfect, well the primer didn't do a good job holding the foundation as well as my M*A*D minerals primer. If you have have fine lines like on your forehead, lips or under eyes, i strongly discourage the use if this foundation. It filled my lines on my forehead and the concealer did the same on my under eyes. By doing so, the foundation made me look older than i am. I'm thinking that it might have been the primer too but we'll see tomorrow as i will be trying the other primer, Revlon beyond natural. Another question comes to mind, as the day was going on, my skin looked dry and i looked like i was peeling (which i wasn't) and i had to keep correcting my foundation during the day, was the primer making my skin dry?...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Haulin' time!

I received my packages today!

First my victorian top hat from!

My Pure Lux eye color minerals"
My faves in these:

OMG!, Spoiled and Vanilla

I also received a skirt from which i don't have a picture.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Red look

I did a red look the other, pretty simple.

What i used:

Starry CD eyeshadow palette, Pixie
- The red rust color one
M*A*D minerals
- Poise
- Russet
- Eye base - Light
- Cream eyeshadow - Bare necessity
- Carbon
-Fluidline, Blacktrack
-Colossal Volume Express

After applying your eyebase and creme eyeshadow all over your eyelid to your brow bone, take the red rust color from your starry palette and apply it on your lid and swipe it on your lower lashes from the outside corner of your eye, inward, as shown:

Then overlay the Rosset from mad mineral. This can be skip, i used it only to put a shimmering effect and make it a bit glittery. In this case i use the sample i've received from them.

Next the darker red, Poise from mad minerals, apply it as shown and a swipe with a sponge tip from the corner of your lower lashes to about the middle, apply it as shown:

Now take your MAC carbon and brush it along your eyelashes and blend it upward just a little bit and also swipe it on your lower eyelashes, as shown:

Well, there is only two thing to do which won't need a picture to show, apply your MAC fluidline and some mascara and voila! On the last pic you can see an "eye chart"! :) You can take this "eye chart" and experiment different colors with this. I will do my tutorial like instead of taking pictures of each steps, if someone doesn't understand the way i do my tutorial just leave me a comment and i will do my best to answer! :D

Saturday, January 17, 2009

M*A*D Silky Smooth Silicone Foundation Primer!

So, i've received my order from M*A*D minerals make up. I've ordered 2 foundation primer since i've never bothered to a primer. I have nothing to compare it to so i'll just say what i think of it.

For sure this primer will be my main primer i'll use from now on. This primer glide on the skin very smoothly and leave the skin very soft. Usually i use only a moisturizer before my foundation and my skin never felt this smooth and soft as with this primer. Plus it the foundation definitely "grip on" your skin and increase the wear and longevity of your foundation. My skin usually get oily and shiny in the middle of the day but i notice that with this, my skin wasn't as oily as without a primer, plus it contains Vitamins A & E, grapefruit extract to soothe the skin and the anti oxidant help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wringles! My fines lines under my eyes weren't as appearant with a moisturizer alone.

I've also received two Multi use loose mineral pigment, Poise and quiet storm that i' haven't used it yet and a shadow/eyeliner sealant.

More order to come: Rimmel London Recover Anti Fatigue Illuminating Foundation, Rimmel London Recover Anti Fatigue Concealer, Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer, Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally a canadian website!

My boyfriend mentioned about a canadian website that sells cosmetics: I went to check about it and it has everything you need! all the drugstore make up brand you can think of. From CoverGirl to Maybelline, Physician's formula to Revlon even Rimmel London and Rimmel Underground! You can find all the brand that we usually find in pharmacy!

Now that is a very good news! That website is actually an online pharmacy located in ontario and they ship for FREE everywhere in Canada! If you're looking for make-up, check their Beauty section, they grouped all the cosmetics they have so it makes it easy to shop. Looking for a specific brand? Well click on "shop by brand"! So, with this finding i won't have to buy my cosmetics in "bulk" when i go in Montreal! (remember we don't have any make up store or make up product in our local and unique store) And of course they accept paypal! :D

By the way, i wish to all of you a late holiday greetings and hope you have a good year!