Monday, November 17, 2008

Where to buy make up?

As canadian and living to the northest village of the province and one local store village, it's not easy to come across make up and some goodies "us" girls love! So here's some website i ordered from (started recently);

This site offers good product such as my favorites: Milani cosmetics and NYX. I was glad that this website offers Milani product because i don't have a credit card to purchase them to some website that requires one, so i am planning on ordering some of those gorgeous eyeshadows and some of the Milani powders. Right now they are having a sell of some NYX cosmetic such as Ultra Pearl Mania eyeshdows @ 1.25$ US each and some lippies. They also sell just a few of NYX Professional Makeup Brushes.

This is my favorite website so far, they sell alot more stuff then the previous website. They have the whole set of NYX professional brushes, which i am planning of getting my hand on. I am mostly an eye shadow person so i ordered a couple of the NYX eye shadows, some trio of Amuse Lux palette, Kleancolor palettes, Sinful colors and a lippie a tinted lip spa in Nirvana. I am not so much into lipstick so i don't own much of that, the only lipstick i have is a "blood red" from manic panic i ordered in September.

This website i don't know much about it but i came across it browsing on nessa's blog.

This website have some great product such as eye shadows and eye base. I am planning on ordering some the eye colors they have maybe this week or some other time after i am done in getting what's on my list.

They have the most amazing indelible waterproof gel eyeliner and creme eye shadow. I recently ordered myself these: creme eye shadows in Bare Necessity, Nude frost and carbon.

And some more:

I don't know these so feel free to visit them! :D Have fun shopping!

P-s= All these website are from the states so the price are all in US. It is very hard to find a canadian cosmetic website. If you know any canadian website, please let me know and i'll check it out. And YES! they accept paypal and ship internationally!

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