Friday, November 14, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

Hello everybody!

This is my opening of my own blog, M.A.C! yes it says MAC but what a great coincidence that is! lol That is actually my initial for my name Marie Andree Chachai. It's actually my boyfriend who thought of this which i never thought! lol

Let me introduce myself. As you read before my name is Marie Andree Chachai, living in the northest village of the province quebec, canada. My boyfriend's name is Thomassie Mangiok, half "white" half inuk (singular of inuit). We are together since almost 9 years and no we are not married...yet! We have a beautiful daughter name Pasa Rayne Isabella Mangiok or for short Pasa or Isa. I work @ the youth center of the village which has about 300 people living here. One local store but still became a shop addict, make up addict and absolutely love corset, victorian jewelery and everything about goth culture.

So that's all for now, i will later put more stuff later on, i wanna put things together first :)

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