Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Purple Look

This is my favorite look so far. I love purple eye shadows and i've worn this look many times.

What i've used to make this look:

M*A*D minerals eye primer
M*A*D minerals Bare Necessity cream eyeshadow
M.A.C Beautiful Iris eyeshadow
M.A.C Casette from the heatherette trio 2
M.A.C Meet the fleet
M.A.C Carbon
M.A.C Blacktrack fluidliner
Maybelline: Great lash Blackest black
LA colors, Eyeliner/Eyebrow pencil

Step one:

Apply the eye base all over the lid as shown, then apply the cream shadow, bare necessity all over the lid too.

Step two:

Apply Beautiful Iris on the lid.

Step three:

Take your Heatherette trio 2 and take the darke purple shade, cassette and apply as shown.

Step four:

Then take Meet the fleet, a dark blue shade apply it as shown. What i did here is mix the Meet the fleet with Casette from the trio heatherette. Just take your brush and sweep it on Meet the fleet, tab the excess off then swipe on the casette eyeshadow.

Step Five:

Now the carbon, a black eyeshadow. I usually go easy when i use a black eyeshadow. At first go easy and not too much and apply it as shown here. As you go on, you can apply more until you reach the desire amount of black. I take a little more time when i am on this stage because i don't want to look like a took a big brush of paint and paint my lid. Take your time and make sure you blend the Carbon to the rest of the color.

Step Six:

It's almost done, now apply some Highlight to your brow bone. I used my favorite high light eyeshadow which i use almost in every make up i do: Mylar. Apply as show.

Well i guess that's the last step, Line your eyelashes with Blacktrack using an angle brush then put some mascara on. So let's see the application eye "chart" of where the eyeshadow have been applied:

And to see the final result, well go back up of this page! :)

One thing i forgot, take a sponge tip and apply it on the lower lid (casette and carbon) Just swipe it from the outside corner of the eye and blend it inward.

I went through my folder to show you this look and did not take picture of every step so i hope it was still useful and understandable. One thing don't forget to blend your eyeshadow very well and have fun!


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