Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My collection to this date.

My M.A.C's:

Top: Heatherette Trio 2 (Δ)(Baby petal (f), V.I.P (V), Casette (VP))
Row #1 of singles:
and Mulch.
Row #2 of singles:
Beautiful Iris,
Meet the fleet (Δ),
Bare Study (Paint pot)
Blacktrack (fluidline)
And the lipglass: Glam V (Δ).


From the left going clockwise: Eye shadow base M*A*D minerals:Light,
Lise Watier: i don't remember the name of that one.
Lise watier: Folie douce loose eye shadow.
Annabelle: Black,
Annabelle: White.
L.A Color: Foxy grey/Cargo frost/Denim blue,
M*A*D Eye cream shadow: Bare neccesity and Nude frost.
Annabelle trio: dark chocolate.
And the ones in the middle are Almay's Trio for brown eyes.


From L to R:

2 Manic panic lipstick: Blood red
LA color: Tickled pink
MAC lipglass: Glam V (Δ)
Almay: Raisin
Cover girl: concealer, creamy beige
Almay blendable eye liner: Black
Cover girl, perfect point plus: charcoal
Viva cosmetic eye liner: Black
Almay eye liner: Amethyst
Mascara, Black
Almay Mascara: Brown Topaz
Maybeline great last: Blackest black.
LA color mascara
Almay liquid eyeliner: Amethyst

Not in the pictures:
M.A.C Studio Tech NC27
M.A.C Select sheer NC30
LA color eyebrow pencil, black

That's all i have for now but i have more coming soon! :D

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