Monday, November 24, 2008

MAD minerals make up package has arrived!

Received my MAD minerals make up today!

2 indelible cream eyeshadows in:
-Nude frost (shimmering cream)
-Bare necessity (creamy matte, no shimmer)

This is how small they actually are:

They might be small but you don't need to use a lot to have the colors on your eyelid. I used my eye shadow shader brush to put them on and all i needed is one swipe from the container to cover all my eyelid! I was disappointed how small they were but once i tried them on, well, i guess i will have enough for awhile. My fav right now is the Bare Necessity, i love a good neutral eye shadow as i mostly do neutral make up. They look a bit pricey for the size but i'd definitly buy more.

Shadow base

This shadow base is definitely my favorite! I love it better than my MAC eye base. It surely was sticky at first when i had it on my finger but then it started to warm up a little bit and it applied smoothly on my eyelid. This shade at first sight was too light for me but then i started putting on my eye shadows, it didn't appear as light as it really it. I'd definitely use this from now on and use less of my MAC ones.

And also got a free sample of "Paris" eyeshadow.

Now i see why they always put a free sample in our order, that is one of their tricks to make us buy more!! This lovely light mauve eye shadow is gorgeous! it's shimmering and i always need some shimmering eye shadows. Might get myself a full size once i can afford it!.

That's all i have for today, now i am waiting on my and shipments!

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