Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Green look

I decided to do a totally different color today, a color i actually never done: Green! of course, i "smoked" it as usual.

What i used:

M*A*D mineral
-Eye base, light
-Indelible Creme Eye shadow, Bare Neccesity

NYX, eyeshadows
-Sweet lagoon
-Green Tea
-Eyebrow kit: Black/Grey

-Fluidline, blacktrack

Mascara, the colossal volum' express

Since it's the holidays, i am too lazy to make step by step tutorial but i made an eye chart of the eyeshadow application here:

Apply your eyebase and creme eye shadow all over the lid.
The lighter green is where to apply Sweet lagoon.
The "Middle" green is where Green Tea goes.
The green on the outer "V" is Herb
Take M.A.C Carbon and swipe it along the lashe line with an angle brush.

Take note that the colors are actually over laying each other so make sure you blend them well.

With a sponge tip, swipe green tea from the outside corner to the inside then take Herb and swipe from the outside corner to the middle.

Apply your fluidline and mascara and you're done! :D

p-s= Sorry if i haven't been putting anything lately since christmas is taking so much of my time at work and family.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Purple Look

This is my favorite look so far. I love purple eye shadows and i've worn this look many times.

What i've used to make this look:

M*A*D minerals eye primer
M*A*D minerals Bare Necessity cream eyeshadow
M.A.C Beautiful Iris eyeshadow
M.A.C Casette from the heatherette trio 2
M.A.C Meet the fleet
M.A.C Carbon
M.A.C Blacktrack fluidliner
Maybelline: Great lash Blackest black
LA colors, Eyeliner/Eyebrow pencil

Step one:

Apply the eye base all over the lid as shown, then apply the cream shadow, bare necessity all over the lid too.

Step two:

Apply Beautiful Iris on the lid.

Step three:

Take your Heatherette trio 2 and take the darke purple shade, cassette and apply as shown.

Step four:

Then take Meet the fleet, a dark blue shade apply it as shown. What i did here is mix the Meet the fleet with Casette from the trio heatherette. Just take your brush and sweep it on Meet the fleet, tab the excess off then swipe on the casette eyeshadow.

Step Five:

Now the carbon, a black eyeshadow. I usually go easy when i use a black eyeshadow. At first go easy and not too much and apply it as shown here. As you go on, you can apply more until you reach the desire amount of black. I take a little more time when i am on this stage because i don't want to look like a took a big brush of paint and paint my lid. Take your time and make sure you blend the Carbon to the rest of the color.

Step Six:

It's almost done, now apply some Highlight to your brow bone. I used my favorite high light eyeshadow which i use almost in every make up i do: Mylar. Apply as show.

Well i guess that's the last step, Line your eyelashes with Blacktrack using an angle brush then put some mascara on. So let's see the application eye "chart" of where the eyeshadow have been applied:

And to see the final result, well go back up of this page! :)

One thing i forgot, take a sponge tip and apply it on the lower lid (casette and carbon) Just swipe it from the outside corner of the eye and blend it inward.

I went through my folder to show you this look and did not take picture of every step so i hope it was still useful and understandable. One thing don't forget to blend your eyeshadow very well and have fun!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My collection to this date.

My M.A.C's:

Top: Heatherette Trio 2 (Δ)(Baby petal (f), V.I.P (V), Casette (VP))
Row #1 of singles:
and Mulch.
Row #2 of singles:
Beautiful Iris,
Meet the fleet (Δ),
Bare Study (Paint pot)
Blacktrack (fluidline)
And the lipglass: Glam V (Δ).


From the left going clockwise: Eye shadow base M*A*D minerals:Light,
Lise Watier: i don't remember the name of that one.
Lise watier: Folie douce loose eye shadow.
Annabelle: Black,
Annabelle: White.
L.A Color: Foxy grey/Cargo frost/Denim blue,
M*A*D Eye cream shadow: Bare neccesity and Nude frost.
Annabelle trio: dark chocolate.
And the ones in the middle are Almay's Trio for brown eyes.


From L to R:

2 Manic panic lipstick: Blood red
LA color: Tickled pink
MAC lipglass: Glam V (Δ)
Almay: Raisin
Cover girl: concealer, creamy beige
Almay blendable eye liner: Black
Cover girl, perfect point plus: charcoal
Viva cosmetic eye liner: Black
Almay eye liner: Amethyst
Mascara, Black
Almay Mascara: Brown Topaz
Maybeline great last: Blackest black.
LA color mascara
Almay liquid eyeliner: Amethyst

Not in the pictures:
M.A.C Studio Tech NC27
M.A.C Select sheer NC30
LA color eyebrow pencil, black

That's all i have for now but i have more coming soon! :D

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

cherryculture.com Thanksgiving sale!

My favorite online store is having a Thanksgiving sale!

Visit their site to see what they have to offer!

Monday, November 24, 2008

MAD minerals make up package has arrived!

Received my MAD minerals make up today!

2 indelible cream eyeshadows in:
-Nude frost (shimmering cream)
-Bare necessity (creamy matte, no shimmer)

This is how small they actually are:

They might be small but you don't need to use a lot to have the colors on your eyelid. I used my eye shadow shader brush to put them on and all i needed is one swipe from the container to cover all my eyelid! I was disappointed how small they were but once i tried them on, well, i guess i will have enough for awhile. My fav right now is the Bare Necessity, i love a good neutral eye shadow as i mostly do neutral make up. They look a bit pricey for the size but i'd definitly buy more.

Shadow base

This shadow base is definitely my favorite! I love it better than my MAC eye base. It surely was sticky at first when i had it on my finger but then it started to warm up a little bit and it applied smoothly on my eyelid. This shade at first sight was too light for me but then i started putting on my eye shadows, it didn't appear as light as it really it. I'd definitely use this from now on and use less of my MAC ones.

And also got a free sample of "Paris" eyeshadow.

Now i see why they always put a free sample in our order, that is one of their tricks to make us buy more!! This lovely light mauve eye shadow is gorgeous! it's shimmering and i always need some shimmering eye shadows. Might get myself a full size once i can afford it!.

That's all i have for today, now i am waiting on my cherryculture.com and nonpareilboutique.com shipments!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Where to buy make up?

As canadian and living to the northest village of the province and one local store village, it's not easy to come across make up and some goodies "us" girls love! So here's some website i ordered from (started recently);


This site offers good product such as my favorites: Milani cosmetics and NYX. I was glad that this website offers Milani product because i don't have a credit card to purchase them to some website that requires one, so i am planning on ordering some of those gorgeous eyeshadows and some of the Milani powders. Right now they are having a sell of some NYX cosmetic such as Ultra Pearl Mania eyeshdows @ 1.25$ US each and some lippies. They also sell just a few of NYX Professional Makeup Brushes.


This is my favorite website so far, they sell alot more stuff then the previous website. They have the whole set of NYX professional brushes, which i am planning of getting my hand on. I am mostly an eye shadow person so i ordered a couple of the NYX eye shadows, some trio of Amuse Lux palette, Kleancolor palettes, Sinful colors and a lippie a tinted lip spa in Nirvana. I am not so much into lipstick so i don't own much of that, the only lipstick i have is a "blood red" from manic panic i ordered in September.


This website i don't know much about it but i came across it browsing on nessa's blog.


This website have some great product such as eye shadows and eye base. I am planning on ordering some the eye colors they have maybe this week or some other time after i am done in getting what's on my list.


They have the most amazing indelible waterproof gel eyeliner and creme eye shadow. I recently ordered myself these: creme eye shadows in Bare Necessity, Nude frost and carbon.

And some more:

I don't know these so feel free to visit them! :D Have fun shopping!

P-s= All these website are from the states so the price are all in US. It is very hard to find a canadian cosmetic website. If you know any canadian website, please let me know and i'll check it out. And YES! they accept paypal and ship internationally!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

Hello everybody!

This is my opening of my own blog, M.A.C! yes it says MAC but what a great coincidence that is! lol That is actually my initial for my name Marie Andree Chachai. It's actually my boyfriend who thought of this which i never thought! lol

Let me introduce myself. As you read before my name is Marie Andree Chachai, living in the northest village of the province quebec, canada. My boyfriend's name is Thomassie Mangiok, half "white" half inuk (singular of inuit). We are together since almost 9 years and no we are not married...yet! We have a beautiful daughter name Pasa Rayne Isabella Mangiok or for short Pasa or Isa. I work @ the youth center of the village which has about 300 people living here. One local store but still became a shop addict, make up addict and absolutely love corset, victorian jewelery and everything about goth culture.

So that's all for now, i will later put more stuff later on, i wanna put things together first :)